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Upon completion of your resume registration, we will conduct phone counseling.

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You will have an interview at the company you applied to. The results of the interview will be known in about a week. Some companies may have a second interview.

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You will start your job. We will support you for a while after you start working if you have any troubles. Of course, we also handle visa applications, so please rest assured.


Can any foreigner work in Japan?

To work in Japan as a foreigner, you need to have a residence status that allows employment.

Residence statuses that allow work without restrictions on job type or industry

- Spouse of a Japanese national, permanent resident, spouse of a permanent resident, long-term resident
- Those who have the above statuses can work in any occupation.

Can foreign students work?

If you have obtained a "Permission to engage in activities other than permitted under the status of residence." you can work. You will need to obtain this permit in advance at the Immigration Bureau in the jurisdiction of your residence.

The method of applying for this permit involves going to the Immigration Bureau with the following application form, and it can be issued there.
*In many cases, the school can also apply on your behalf.

Is there visa support?

For contract employees, full-time employees, and temporary staff, visa support is generally available. The Immigration Bureau will conduct a review based on the application documents, which can depend on the job type and the candidate's highest level of education, among other factors.

Could you explain the differences between full-time employees, temporary staff, and contract employees?

A full-time employee is a type of employment without a set work period, also known as indefinite employment.
A contract employee is a type of employment with a set work period, also known as fixed-term employment. The contract period will be notified each time by the company. The contract period is handed down each time by the company.
Temporary staff, on the other hand, are employed under a fixed-term contract with a staffing agency.


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