Frequently Asked Questions

This is a Q&A when looking for a job in Japan and when you started to work. We, NIPPONshigoto.com, will try our best to support you for getting employment in Japan. So please feel free if you need any help.

Is everyone who can work in Japan?

You will need a valid working visa to work in Japan.
Also, you can check your permission through your passport and residence card(Zairyuu-kado).

These visas are allowed to engage in any paid activity regardless of the professional field.

・Spouse or Child of Japanese National
・Permanent Resident
・Spouse or Child of Permanent Resident,
・Long-term Resident

Can I have a part-time job if I'm studying in Japan?

You will need to get a permission (Shikaku-gai katsudou Kyoka) from the Immigration bureau (Nyuukokukanrikyoku).
You can go to the immigration bureau which in nearest from your place.

To get the permission, you will need to prepare the application form and some documents.

Documents need to be prepare:
1. Residence card (Zairyuu-kado)
2. Student ID
3. Application form for permission to have a part-time job
4. Passport

What is the restriction of work(part-time) if I'm a student?

You can only work within 28 hours per week.
However, you are allowed to work with 8 hours per day during vacations such as summer vacation. winter vacation and etc..

Am I allowed to work at any job?

The entertainment and amusement trades (such as bars, mah‐jong parlors, etc.) and NOT allowed.
# NIPPONshigoto.com do not contain job offers as above,

Is there any charges when using this service?

We do not charge any charges. So it's all FREE!

Will I get any information of new job offer after I registered?

New job offer will be update everyday at NIPPONshigoto.com.
For those who had registered, we will introduce new job vacancy for you if you wished to.

What can I do if I am living in oversea?

Some job vacancy are availble to apply even if you are still living oversea.
However, some visa application will not be acceptable depends on the company.
So do not hestitate to ask us for more information.

Is that possible to apply for the job vacancy that the languages does not contain at the title?
(Can I apply for the job if I do not know the language which is stated at the tilte?)

Basically, the language which stated at the title is necessary for the job offer.
However, we can check if they needs other languanges so please feel free to ask us.

Can I get a working visa?

Regular empoyee, dispatched employee and contract employee are basically can get a working visa.
Nevertheless, it also depends on the final education of yours and the industry that you apply.
The Immigration bureau will make the inspection based on the document.

What do the company concerns when employing foreigners staff?
What do they require?

Job vacancies available on NIPPONshigoto.com are foreigners welcome and multi languages are needed.
Most of the company wants to employ foreigners as their high ability of languages.
For more information about qualifications and requirements, please refer to job vacancy information page.

I have no idea what to apply.

Please complete the application here, we will introduce job that suits you.
On the other hand, you can have a consultation with our recruitment staff,
please feel free to let us know your requirement and desire when finding a job.

What should I prepare before interviews?

Interviews are important as it related with if we can get the offer from the company.
Please would like to give you some advise before going to the interview so please feel free to talk with us.

What is the restriction of work if I am a 'Temporary visitor' or 'Trainee' visa holder?

Please refer to the website of immigraton services agency of Japan

List of statutes of residence

Is that possible for using any photograpgh for the resume?

The photograph of the resume is important for the screening progress.
Please use proper photograph when register.

(With simple background and no selfie).

What is the different between regular employee, dispatched employee and contract employee?

Regular employee: Regular employees do not have a predetermined end date to employment. In addition, they often receive benefits like subsidized health care, paid vacations, holidays, sick time, or contributions to a retirement plan.
Contract employee: Contract employee is hired for short periods of 3, 6, or 12 months. Except for unusual circumstances, neither the company nor the employee has the right to break the contract before the agreed upon time is over.
Dispatched employee: Dispatched employee are not employed by the company they work at. They have a contract with a dispatching company who assigns them a job at another company with a perdetermined date. During the date period, dispatching company, dispatched employee and the company that employee work at, may able to change or do adjustment due to their circumstances.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.