1. STEP 1 Registration

    Please feel free to apply to the job that you are interested.
    If you need help in finding a job, please register from our website so that we can reach you.

    Reference page

  2. STEP 2 Make your own resume.

    You can access to `My Page` after applying or register on our website.
    Please complete your resume with your photograph, education and career.

    Reference page

  3. STEP 3 Telephone interview

    We will call you for an interview after you have done with registering your resume. Also, if you are from overseas, we can have an interview through Skype or LINE. We will introduce job position which meets your requirements.

    We will call you on the day if you have done with the application before 3PM weekdays.

  4. STEP 4 Motivation to the job vacancy

    After decided on which job offer to apply, you can fill in your motivation to the job vacancy and Self-introduction.

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  5. STEP 5 Screening progress

    The screening progress will be process by the company that you had applied.
    We will contact you about the result as soon as posssible.

  6. STEP 6 Interview

    We will have an interview at the company which you had applied.
    Interview might takes 1~3times depends on the company.

  7. STEP 7 Job offered

    When we get the job offer, we will contact you about when you have to start working and what to prepare.

    If you work as a dispatched employee with Goodman Service, please register your bank account for your payment to be bank in.

    Reference page

  8. STEP 8 It`s time to start your new job

    On the first day of working, we will accompany you to the location which you will be working.
    If you meets any question or trouble while working, please do not hestitate to ask us and we will try our best to help you.